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A list of links to things I’ve found interesting

Game Development Resources

  • Aras Pranckevičius’ Blog – Aras is a build engineer at Unity technologies, previously a graphics programmer. His blog is full of fascinating things.
  • Gaffer On Games – An absolute gold mine of information on networking, and physics simulation in games. One of the best game programming blogs there is.
  • ForrestTheWoods – Forrest Smith’s Blog, a software engineer who writes stunning articles about things like ballistic trajectories and the balancing of Smash Bros.
  • Red Blob Games – Amazing interactive visual explanations of math and algorithms used in games
  • Alan Zucconi – This blog is full of incredible game development tutorials on topics like shaders, rendering and even machine learning
  • Games From Within – A general game development blog with some great articles about things like data oriented design and agile development
  • Casey Muratori – Game programming blog with articles about API design, software engineering, and the game’s industry
  • Randy Gaul’s Game Programming Blog – The blog of Randy Gaul, a software engineer working for microsoft on Azure. Amazing articles about game programming can be found here.
  • Skypjack On Software – Skypjack created Entt, an ECS library used by the C++ version of minecraft. This is his blog an it’s a great resource on ECS architectures.
  • Nicholas Frechette’s Blog – Great game programming blog covering animation compression techniques and memory allocators
  • Game Programming Patterns – An amazing book about common programming techniques in games, which you can read for free online!
  • Alex Tardif’s site – A great game programming blog heavily focused on graphics

General Programming Resources

  • Crafting Interpreters – An in-progress, but amazing book on programming languages that walks you through implementing an interpreter
  • Joel On Software – The blog of Stack Overflow founder, Jeol Spolsky. Covers everything from software development to management and business
  • Reasonably Polymorphic – Another stellar programming blog on software engineering and coding

Physics Resources

  • Quanta Magazine – Easily the best science news and editorial site on the internet. Extremely high quality science articles on physics, maths, biology and computer science
  • HyperPhysics – One of the best reference websites for huge amount of physics knowledge. This site got me through my degree
  • Of Particular Significance – Blog of theoretical physicist Matt Strassler, articles mainly related to the Large Hadron Collider, particle physics, quantum field theory and string theory.
  • Quantum Coherence – A blog about physics, science, the universe and everything by Florian Marquardt
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